Tiara Fever & Crown Jewelry

I believe that tiara fever has now reached its historical apex.

What tiara will Kate Middleton choose to wear at the royal nuptials in less than 24 hours? The Duchess of Teck? The Strathmore? The Delhi Durbar? I’m rooting for the George III Tiara, if for no other reason than that a middle-aged British woman stands to win £72,000 if she does.

George III Tiara

From left to right: The George III Tiara on Queen Mary, the Queen Mum, the Queen and Princess Anne - courtesy of the Sun

Who will win prom queen on Glee? The teenage tiara lust on that show is almost overwhelming, although it’s been amazing watching Quinn, Santana and Lauren are all going through straight-up Machiavellian machinations to achieve the crown.

Glee Tiara Lust

Quinn gazing lovingly at her tiara collection. Must be PROM QUEEN!

Who will go to see Disney’s “Prom” opening this weekend? Will there be a prom queen tiara worthy of a Disney princess?

And why has it take me so long to re-listen to Hole’s “Live Through This”?

My kind of prom queen: messy eyeliner, perfect tiara.

So for every would-be princess living on the income of a teenage prom queen, here is some affordable crown jewelry to feed your tiara fever on a budget.

Juicy Couture CZ Heart Crown Studs

Juicy Couture CZ Heart Crown Studs – $42

Wedding Keepsake Locket

Wedding Keepsake Locket by stellasavestheday on Etsy – $112

I Am The Queen Statement Necklace by SSSJ on Etsy

I Am the Queen Statement Necklace by SSSJ on Etsy – $24

Carrie mini - Baroque blood drip necklace in red finish stainless steel

Carrie Mini by FableandFury on Etsy – $26

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